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Angels Healing Light
Angel Healing

Angel Healing

Angels are powerful healers. They shed their healing light on dense and dark places. An Angel Healing transforms old pain into a new feeling of lightness and connection. Any pre-existing darkness disappears and you feel light and loved. The world looks different, you feel carried and surrounded by love.

When you experience rejection, a hurtful remark, trauma or conditioned love, an emotional wound is formed. This wound blocks light in your energy field and can be perceived as dark and dense. You always carry unhealed wounds with you. It is like a blanket that you wrap around, that blocks your light. You carry it with you and after a long time you adjust your life to it.

Intense bright light

Angel beings are emitters of intense and bright light. They heal by connecting you with their light. What feels heavy and dark at first, they transform into light and clarity. Therefore a healing often feels like that heavy blanket is slipping away. Light literally rises in you.

Carried by angels

An Angelic Healing brings back unconditional love to you in energy. You no longer have to adjust yourself in order to be loved. You also do not have to be different in order to deserve something. The healing light of the angels interrupts this pattern of conditionality and heals the complaints it has caused. You feel it flowing again and both your feelings and thoughts are clear. You feel the power source within you, being carried by the angels.

When to heal

Angelic Healing is suitable for healing of

inner paingloomlack of passion
difficulty with emotionsfeeling unsafe in yourselfincomplete grief
urge to controllack of strengthdifficulty letting go
perfectionismhiding yourself awaylack of direction
crampinglack of self-confidencecreative blockade
tensionsvulnerabilityfeeling trapped
being hardand poorly groundedsleeping problems
burn-outdifficulty with boundariesbeing chaotic
Light frequencies Angels Healing Light

The Angel Healing is given with the light frequencies of Angels Healing Light. Each remedy is directly connected to an angel or light master and spreads an incredible healing power. You have the option to choose from different styles for the healing.

Open group healing
– free entry
– once a month
– a set theme or working with a specific energy
– online
– voluntary donation – nothing comes one way

Remedy in portable vial
– 1-3 energies
– matches with your energy
– portable
– Available for the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany

Rescue Healing

– appointment within 72 hours
– concised, remote healing

Angel Healing

OnlineSession (30 mins)
77,- EUR