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Angels Healing Light
Angel Reading

Angel Reading

The angels always stand by to help. They are ready to talk to you, to provide you with advice, to help you progress. Awaiting in love for you, until you call them for a message. Find out what the angels want to share in an Angel Reading.

As you move through life, the angels are observing from the sidelines. They know what you are going through. They see the things you find easy and the things you struggle with. They are with you even if you can’ t see them. The angels are watching with compassion and assist if you ask them. They always answer.

An Angel Reading delivers you the message of an angel. You learn who this angel is and why it wants to bring you this message. Once contact has been established, you can also ask the angel your questions. Whether it is about your development, about insights, about asking for help. In addition, you will be given tools to communicate with the angel and recognize the signs he sends you.

Angel Reading

OnlineSession (20 mins)
40,- EUR
Phone, Zoom