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Did you know…

The angels talk a lot, including to me. Through their messages they want to show how they can help you. And also to encourage you. A new message will be added to the top of this page.

Did you know that…

…an angel never says ‘no’ to you? Angels think in terms of the bigger picture and respect your free will. Even if you ask something that turns out to be bad. Because in the big picture they see this as a lesson. A lesson that is learned by the experience you gain, after you have asked. The angels observe with compassion and are always ready to help you anew.

…an angel answers by bringing something into motion? The movement brings – in a chain of reactions – the answer to you. Often in the form of a symbol: a feather, an accidental song you hear, a chance encounter, a title of a book that suddenly comes to mind. Therefore, pay close attention to subtle signals and know that you are always supported.

…an angel helps out of pure love for everything that is? Pure love for you, for me, for the animals, plants, trees, the Earth. They see you as a brave soul who said ‘yes’ to life on earth. And now that you know it a little bit here, you know how brave you are.