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Angels Healing Light

Angels Healing Light

Angel Healing

Angels are powerful healers. They shed their healing light on dense and dark places. An Angel Healing transforms old pain into a new feeling of lightness and connection. Any pre-existing darkness disappears and you feel...

The angels

Meet the angels and light masters of Angels Healing Light. Each angel has its own powers and focus. When the time is right, a new energy will add to the series. Below you will find...

Rescue Angel Healing

The Rescue Angel Healing helps you in a practical moment. When you need courage for a conversation, struggle with writers block, can’t concentrate or can’t get the day off your chest. This short healing will...

Angel Reading

The angels always stand by to help. They are ready to talk to you, to provide you with advice, to help you progress. Awaiting in love for you, until you call them for a message....

The Power of Angels

Welcome in the light of angels, at Angels Healing Light. The angels are ready to help you, through healing, a reading or with a remedy. Do you need light, connection and healing? Angels Healing Light offers you various ways.

Your aura or energy field, is a field of consciousness in which memories are stored. This highly reactive field is influenced by your thoughts and your environment. Unprocessed emotions and difficult experiences, leave a memory in your energy field. The energy becomes denser, more viscous, darker and in some situations even closed off. Often out of protection, because processing the memory at that moment is too difficult.

Angels Healing Light provides you with pure and healing light in places where light has difficulty getting through or is blocked. The loving energy enables you to let go of the memory. You feel wholeness, an increasing light and more deeply connected with yourself. It does not matter whether you receive the healing on distance or in the practice.

You can ask for help for a range of complaints: anxiety, fatigue, stress, pain, lack of inspiration, lack of self-acceptance or unprocessed grief. Or for complaints related to mourning, burn-out and trauma.

Practice services

  • Angel Rescue Healing
    Powerful, short ‘rescue’ healing in the evening, from distance with Angels Healing Light
  • Angel Reading
    A reading with messages from the angels
  • Angels Healing
    Deep healing with Angels Healing Light
  • Angel portable vial
    Angels Healing Light remedy to carry with you

Complete overview

Angels Healing Light is a series of remedies with energetic power. Its effect reaches deep and the range is directly connected to the angels. You will feel this when receiving a healing with Angels Healing Light. Since 2016 the range has grown from 1 remedy to 22 remedies. Below you find a complete overview:

Mother Mary

Would like to learn more? You will find a brief description of the angels and light masters under ‘the angels’. You can read here about their powers and properties.