The Power of Angels

Welcome in the light of angels, at Angels Healing Light. The angels are ready to help you, through healing, a reading or with a remedy. Do you need light, connection and healing? Angels Healing Light offers you various ways.

A healing with healing angelic light is both loving and powerful. It brings light to the places where light is blocked. The angels give help on a wide range of terrain. Such as anxiety, fatigue, stress, pain, lack of inspiration, lack of self-acceptance, unresolved pain. As well as complaints related to grief, burn-out and trauma.
A healing or reading brings you light, peace and connection.

  • Angel Rescue Healing
    Powerful, short ‘rescue’ healing in the evening, from distance with Angels Healing Light
  • Angel Reading
    A reading with messages from the angels
  • Angels Healing
    Deep healing with Angels Healing Light
  • Angel portable vial
    Angels Healing Light remedy to carry with you

Series overview

Angels Healing Light is a series of remedies with energetic effect. The effect is deep and is directly connected to the angels. Their powerful healing energy flows through the series of remedies. The Angels Healing Light series currently includes:

Ariel, Azrael
Chamuel, Charity
Jeremiel, Jophiel
Metatron, Michael, Muriel
Raphael, Raguel, Raziel
Sachael, Sandalphon, Seraphiel

Light beings
Fairy, Mother Mary

New remedies are expected to follow in 2021.