The Power of Angels

Welcome in the light of angels, at Angels Healing Light. The angels are ready to help you, through healing, a reading or with a remedy. Do you need light, connection and healing? Angels Healing Light offers you various ways.

A healing with healing angelic light is both loving and powerful. It brings light to the places where light is blocked. The angels give help on a wide range of terrain. Such as anxiety, fatigue, stress, pain, lack of inspiration, lack of self-acceptance, unresolved pain. As well as complaints related to grief, burn-out and trauma.
A healing or reading brings you light, peace and connection.

  • Angel Rescue Healing
    Powerful, short ‘rescue’ healing in the evening, from distance with Angels Healing Light
  • Angel Reading
    A reading with messages from the angels
  • Angels Healing
    Deep healing with Angels Healing Light
  • Angel portable vial
    Angels Healing Light remedy to carry with you

Complete overview

Angels Healing Light is a series of remedies with energetic power. Its effect reaches deep and the range is directly connected to the angels. You will feel this when receiving a healing with Angels Healing Light. Since 2016 the range has grown from 1 remedy to 22 remedies. Below you find a complete overview:

Mother Mary

Would like to learn more? You will find a brief description of the angels and light masters under ‘the angels’. You can read here about their powers and properties.