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Angels Healing Light

Angels Healing Light

The angels

Meet the angels and light masters of Angels Healing Light. Each angel has its own powers and focus. When the time is right, a new energy will add to the series. Below you will find...
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Rescue Angel Healing

The Rescue Angel Healing helps you in a practical moment. When you need courage for a conversation, struggle with writers block, can’t concentrate or can’t get the day off your chest. This short healing will...
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Angel Healing

Angels are powerful healers. They shed their healing light on dense and dark places. An Angel Healing transforms old pain into a new feeling of lightness and connection. Any pre-existing darkness disappears and you feel...
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Angel Reading

The angels always stand by to help. They are ready to talk to you, to provide you with advice, to help you progress. Awaiting in love for you, until you call them for a message....
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The Power of Angels

Welcome in the light of angels, at Angels Healing Light. The angels are ready to help you, through healing, a reading or with a remedy. Do you need light, connection and healing? Angels Healing Light offers you various ways.

Angels Healing Light is a series of remedies for healing and consciousness. These special remedies contain the healing light of the angels and light masters. The series was created in 2016, when energy therapist and psychic Iliana Kudus was blessed to receive the very first lightcode. This was sent by angel Haniel, angel of intuition, femininity and natural healing. What started with a single thought, is now materialized.

Powerful and pure

Through collaboration with the angels – for each remedy, the light code of an angel or light master has been received – the remedies are powerful and pure. The series consists of 23 angels and light masters and continues to grow.


You can receive a healing or reading through Iliana’s practice. You will receive these at a distance.